Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Years Coloring Pages

The New Year is coming soon and people are starting to make plans for the New Year's Holiday. The New Year is a time to make New Year's resolutions and make changes for the better, which are good lessons to teach kids. So I've posted a couple of New Years coloring pages to get the kids interested in the holiday and what they can learn from it.

Free Happy New Year coloring pages for kids.

Free downloadable New Years coloring pages to print.

I hope these New Years coloring pages were useful and fun. Don't forget to bookmark or subscribe so you can download other coloring page collections in the future. Happy New Year!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

Who can imagine Christmas or even a winter holiday without a Christmas tree that's beautifully decorated with ornaments and lights and a star on top? When I was a kid we always had a lovely Christmas tree to get us into the Christmas spirit.

Decorating the Christmas tree with the whole family was a yearly ritual that I loved and enjoyed. I loved the smell of the real pine tree we brought into our house for the holidays. First we put the Christmas lights on the tree, then we added the ornaments, and one lucky person could do the honors of placing the star or angel on top of the tree.

To celebrate and prepare for this exciting part of the winter holiday season, here are some Christmas tree coloring pages to print out and enjoy coloring.

Blank Christmas tree coloring pages for kids to fill in and color.

Printable Christmas tree and ornaments coloring sheet to decorate.

Presents underneath the Christmas tree coloring picture for the winter holiday season.

Candles and star on top of the Christmas tree coloring book pages for kids who love presents and stockings and candy canes.

Big bushy Christmas tree with free Christmas gifts in these coloring pages.

I hope the kids enjoyed these Christmas tree coloring pages and got into the Christmas spirit! Have a great holiday, and have fun decorating your tree!

More Santa Claus Coloring Sheet Files

As Christmas nears I'm feeling more and more in the Christmas spirit! So I felt like uploading some more Santa Claus coloring sheet pages for the kids to enjoy the coming winter festival. So here are some more fun pages of Jolly old Saint Nick at his home in the North Pole, and while delivering Christmas presents to good boys and girls. I hope your Christmas stocking is filled with goodies this year!

Another Santa Claus coloring sheet to print.

Santa coloring pages of delivering Christmas presents.

Jolly old Saint Nick himself! Santa Clause coloring pages for kids in the winter.

Here's a Santa Clause face coloring page for your downloading pleasure.

Free Santa claus coloring sheet pages for kids who love stocking stuffers.

I hope you found these additional Santa Claus coloring pages fun and useful! For the previous collection of Saint Nick coloring sheets, check here.

Printable Valentine Coloring Pages

When I was a child I enjoyed giving Valentines to my friends and classmates
on February 14th every year. As a teenager I used to give chocolates or a rose to a girl I had a crush on. These days I take my wife out to a romantic dinner and give her a nice gift.

Valentine's Day is a special romantic day for couples and lovers, and a day to profess your feelings to somebody you've been secretly admiring. Happy Valentine's Day!

These printable Valentine coloring pages are to celebrate this special holiday and inspire you to show your feelings to that special someone.

Bee My Valentine coloring page.

Printable Valentine coloring pages of bouquets of roses.

A box of chocolates for Valentine's Day coloring book pages.

Candy box in free printable valentine coloring pages.

Printable Valentine coloing pages of Cupid.

Be My Valentine coloring page printable romantic sheets for lovebirds.

Heart balloons free Valentine coloring pages (printable).

Free printable Valentine coloring pages of bear with space for kids writing.

I hope these printable coloring pages were fun and inspiring! Now go tell that special someone how you feel! You can do it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free Easter Coloring Book Pages

I decided to add some more free Easter coloring book pages, since I recieved a number of requests for more after posting the previous two collections. Everybody loves Easter so much and can't get enough of the festivities and traditions, including Easter bunnies, Easter baskets, Easter eggs, etc. And to give at least a cursory glance at the Christian menaing of Easter I included a Easter coloring page of Jesus and his resurection.

So here are a few more Easter free coloring pages for you to print.

Free Easter Coloring Book Pages of easter eggs, baskets, bunnies, and little chicks.

Easter free coloring pages of bunny with egg.

Free Easter coloring book pages of bunny on egg design with kiska.

Free Easter coloring book pages of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter free coloring pages of duck with easter basket full of eggs.

Free Easter coloring book bear and bunny with eggs pages to print out.

Free sleeping bunny in basket Easter coloring book pages for kids.

I hope these free easter coloring book pages were fun and useful for the whole family! Be sure to check out some other coloring page blog entries before you go! There are lots! Take care!

If you're interested in Easter clipart, check out Free Easter Clip Art.

Also, for religious Easter images check out Christian Easter Clipart.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Printable Coloring Pages Easter Bunny

Kids everywhere love Easter celebrations, and what better symbol of Easter cultural festivities is there than the Easter Bunny? Kids love to wake up early on Easter Sunday to find out what kind of chocolate goodies and other sweets the Eastern bunny has left for them.

Easter has pre-Christian origins as a fertility festival, and bunnies and eggs were originally used as symbols of fertility (since rabbits produce many offspring, and eggs are also symbols of new life recently born). But nowadays this meaning is rarely recognized. We can just enjoy these holiday traditions freely.

Here are some printable coloring pages Easter bunny pictures for the kids to print and color!

Printable Coloring Pages Easter Bunny picture with space to write personal message.

Cute printable coloring pages of Easter bunny delivering eggs.

Eeducational printable coloring pages Easter bunny writing script.

Printable coloring pages of simple easter bunny that looks like a chocolate one!

The Easter bunny examining eggs for damage in these printable coloring pages.

Printable coloring pages Easter bunny with beautiful egg design.

Printable coloring pages of Easter bunny painting eggs before delivery on Easter Sunday.

Printable coloring sheets Easter bunny dancing in celebration of the holiday!

I hope these printable coloring pages of Easter bunnies were useful and fun for your family. Be sure to check out some of my other coloring page collections. There are a variety of themes to choose from, including holiday themes. See you again!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Coloring Sheets To Print For Easter

Easter is a Christian holiday with special meaning for believers, but it is also a fun cultural holiday for kids and the whole family to enjoy. Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, which began as symbols of fertility in ancient celebrations of the harvest and rebirth, are fun and tasty ways to celebrate this fun traditional festival. When I was a child I used to wake up early on Easter Sunday to see what goodies awaited me in my Easter Basket.

Here are some fun coloring sheets to print for Easter. Your kids can enjoy coloring these, and parents can enjoy looking at their kids creative renditions!

Coloring sheets to print for Easter. Bunnies and easter baskets.

Easter egg and basket coloring sheets to print for Easter holidays.

Coloring sheets to print for Easter basket with eggs and bunnies.

Egg coloring sheets to print for Easter Sunday celebrations.

Interesting Easter egg with bunny design coloring sheets to print.

Baby chicks coloring sheets to print for Easter festivities.

Lovely decorated egg coloring sheets to print for Easter time.

Little girl with Easter basket and bunny coloring sheets to print out.

I hope you liked these coloring sheets to print out for Easter time. Be sure to check back for coloring pages for other holidays, and other themes that kids love. See you again!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rainbow Coloring Sheets

Here you can find rainbow coloring sheets for kids to print out and color. Rainbows are a beautiful and fascinating weather phenomenon. When I was a kid I would get excited to catch a rare glimpse of a nice vivid rainbow in the spring sky.

I hope you and your kids love rainbows as much as my family and I do. Here are some coloring pages of rainbows for you to enjoy.

Rainbow coloring sheets with a pot of goal at the end.

Rainbow coloring sheets with rain and a friendly sun.

Free rainbow coloring sheets with clouds for kids to print and color.

Coloring book pages of rainbows for free printout for children.

Rainbow coloring sheets featuring the sun, and shamrocks on the ground. Free pages for kids.

Free rainbow stretching from the forest to a pot of gold coloring sheets.

Were these rainbow coloring sheets useful? I hope they were, and I hope you'll check out our other coloring page themes before you go. See you again!

Pattern Coloring Sheets

Here are some free pattern coloring sheets to print and color. These can help kids develop spatial awareness and mathematical ability. Plus they're fun and look cool when they're finished!

Squares overlapping pattern coloring sheets.

Pattern coloring sheets of intersecting lines.

Squares, triangles, and shapes free pattern coloring sheets.

Varying shapes overlapping and intersecting pattern coloring sheets for free.

Free pattern coloring sheets

I hope you liked these pattern coloring sheets. Be sure to check out some other fun and educational coloring book page collections before you go. See ya!