Monday, July 27, 2009

Barack Obama Coloring Page

One of the most important parts of Education is teaching kids to be good citizens, so today I'm bringing your some coloring pages of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. Whether you agree with all his policies or not, there's not doubt that Obama is a historic and exciting president, someone who brings a new human touch to the Whitehouse. Barack doesn't just seem like the President, he seems like someone most of us would feel comfortable sitting down for a chat with.

Here are some Barack Obama coloring page so your kids can become more interested in the leadership of their great country.

Barack Obama Coloring Page for kids
Barack Obama coloring page sheets for teachers and kids at school
Barak Obama Coloring Page to print
Barack Obama coloring sheets to print out and colour
Barack Obama coloring pages to print out
Here's one more Obama coloring sheet to print

I hope you found a Barack Obama coloring sheet or two that was useful to you. Be sure to check back soon for more coloring sheets with a variety of themes. See you soon!

Wall-E Coloring Pages

Here you can find some great Wall-E coloring pages from the Disney/Pixar motion picture from 2008. It is a computer animated film about a robot who was built to clean up a polluted Earth. In the film he falls in love with another robot named Eve. It is a lovely film by Disney that teaches kids to be environmentally conscious, but also to be loving and follow their hearts. In true Disney and Pixar fashion, the non-human characters are very realistically personified, and humans can easily relate to them.

I loved watching this film with my daughter. And she loved coloring these Wall-E coloring pages and hanging them up on the fridge to show off her talents!

Great WallE Coloring Pages to print
Wall-E Coloring Page Printables
Disney Pixar Wall-E coloring pages
Wall-E coloring sheets from Disney
WallE Pixar Coloring Pages
Coloring sheets from the Motion Picture Wall-E
Wall-E Coloring Pages to Print out

I hope you found these Wall-E coloring pages enjoyable! I sure enjoyed the happy look on my daughter's face when while she colored them in! See you next time!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bakugan Coloring Pages

Japanese comics and animation are known as the best in the world, and every now and then a particular series catches on in the West because of its cross-cultural appeal. It is the same this time with Bakugan, which is why I decided to bring your some Bakugan coloring pages today! I live in Japan, so I enjoy posting Japanese series from time to time.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers (if I understand the Japanese clearly, bakugan means "explosive circle", and sounds like a play on the word "bakudan" which means "bomb") has a very abstract and spacey plot that could only come from the Japanese imagination. I can't even grasp the ideas enough to explain them, so I'll just cut and paste this plot description from Wikipedia's Bakudan page.

In an dimension of Vestroia, a Bakugan called Naga decides to absorb the energy of the two cores that keep the dimensions in place. However, something went wrong. He absorbed too much of negative energy from the Silent Core. The Infinity Core, the positive energy core, has been absorbed with Naga's sister, Wavern. Both parts must be found and brought back together in order to restore balance and allow the Bakugan to once again live in peace.

The story centers on group of friends who find metallic cards which have fallen from the sky. They name themselves the Bakugan Battle Brawlers and consist of eight children: Dan, Shun, Runo, Marucho, Julie, Alice,and later Masquerade and Joe. Together they learn more about the origin of Bakugan, the game involving them and battle against Hal-G and Naga

Bakugan Coloring Pictures
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Printable Bakugan coloring pages for kids
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Bakugan Battle Brawlers coloring
Printable bakugan black and white
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I hope you like the above bakugan coloring pages! Be sure to check back again soon for more coloring sheet collections. Have a great day!